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The recently-completed TransformWR Climate Action Strategy is now going before local councils across the region for final approval. That Strategy has been years in the making, informed by extensive consultation with community and industry stakeholders, and encourages transformative change to reduce emissions and take bold action on climate change across our region. This is our community’s collective opportunity to support this local Strategy AND call on our local governments to be powerful advocates to the provincial and federal governments to secure the additional resources we need to cut local emissions in half by 2030, in line with climate science (50x30). We need this Strategy to be passed by local councils - and to encourage even greater ambition in line with climate science.


Send a message to local councillors

We encourage everyone to send a message to local councils in support of both the TransformWR Strategy and 50by30. We've drafted a letter of support ready to go to all local councillors in our region. You can send a message to select or all councillors through our e-mail campaign page.


Sign up to delegate to council

We need many community members speaking directly to council in support of the TransformWR Strategy and 50by30. More details for signing up to delegate here. We are also hosting pre-delegation events to support delegates and collaborate on messaging in advance of the council meetings. 


Attend the council meetings

We need to 'fill the room' (virtually) for all council meetings where this Strategy is being considered and we are encouraging community members to delegate and show-up in support. Check out our events page to view council meeting timings when the motion will be considered.

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