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We are collecting short video messages about the importance of 50x30 in addressing the climate crisis. This could include a simple reflection on how the climate crisis makes you feel, and the role that our region should play in responding to climate change, centring social equity and justice. You could also reflect on why you support 50x30 as a critical part of the solution.

A short video can be a powerful testimonial to the types of changes that need to take place, and an impactful way to share your message with others, including our regional council.

Here are some guidelines to record your video message:

  • Find a quiet location, and a decent method for recording a video (film camera, Zoom recording, phone recording - whatever works, higher quality the better. Please record in a landscape format to make editing these together easier)

  • Videos should be between 20sec and 2min. Share who you are and why you support 50by30 and climate justice, something like “My name is […] and I’m [whatever affiliation you’d like to note], and I am calling on the Region of Waterloo to commit to a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to preserve a safe climate future because [whatever reason you’d like to highlight].” A few prompts to consider responding to in the video: 

    • How do you feel about climate change?

    • How old you are now, how old you will be in 2030, and in 2050?

    • Why you want action?

    • What you like about our region?

    • Why Waterloo Region should be leaders in this fight?

  • Speak from the heart - you can link to fears or concerns you may have about climate change impacts on your own future; why climate justice and 50by30 matters to you; and even any potential solutions to help us reach 50by30, linking emissions reduction to justice.

*By sharing your video with us you are giving permission for us to use it to help amplify the campaign for 50by30.

Here is a short and sweet video by Caterina Lindman with Citizens Climate Lobby WR in support of 50by30 for inspiration:

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